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"The Simple Blueprint That Produced Us Over $50 Million Dollars Worth Of Property In Under 6 Years With $0 Down

Detailed exclusive behind the scenes insight as to how a multi-million dollar empire started from just small humble beginnings.

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The full story on how Jason John Byron went from cameraman to a multi-millionaire property investor in just 5 years. This exciting digital download goes through the journey, the profits earned and the success of others executing his exact strategy method blueprints.

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Top 10 Mistakes Property Developers Make

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The eBook MUST HAVE! Mistakes are one of the most costly expenses in almost any investment opportunity you come across. Jason & Amy explain the top 10 mistakes to avoid when starting your property journey & getting to know these can potentially save you 10's of thousands of dollars when avoided in a single deal.


CoreLogic - Latest Monthly Chart Pack

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As any savvy investor knows, statistics matter! Get the latest RP Data reports from CoreLogic on Australia's top city locations for residential real estate and see exactly which state comes out on top in the latest monthly charts.

Presented By: Jason John Byron & Amy Tang

Founders of Think Property Club

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About Jason John Byron & Amy Tang

Like most couples, Jason & Amy were just your typical average Australian's working their 9 to 5 jobs that paid the bills living paycheck to paycheck, until an opportunity called Jason that got him into the door filming how secret millionaire's were making money in Australian property.

Jason explained to his wife Amy how these property millionaire's were succeeding without using their own money, so they decided to learn the skills still while working their 9 to 5 day jobs as a side hustle.

Fast track 8 years and now Jason & Amy travel the country teaching thousands of people how to implement these strategies for themselves and have changed the lives of many Australian's in the process.

Who is Jason?

Jason had over 20 years experience in the film & production industry as a cameraman filming Australian sporting events around the country, but he always wanted more in life and 10 years ago an opportunity came along that changed his life forever.

By chance Jason had been offered a new challenge, to film a well known property expert on stage and not too long into filming these new types of events he realised that the information this property mentor was teaching all started to click and make sense.

Fast track to today and Jason has project managed dozens of development sites ranging from small to large and still continues to run and operate the management of multiple multi-million dollar projects using the same exact system and processes he teaches his property development students.

Who is Amy?

Amy started her career with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Industrial Design and International Marketing which lead to a 12 year career in interior design as well as her own boutique marketing agency.

Teaming up with Jason, both he and Amy quickly learnt the insider tips from experienced property developers and started putting their new knowledge & skills into practice.

Amy's experience in design has really supercharged their skills in their developments with the designing & creation some magnificent projects along the way.

They now both educate new and upcoming developers around Australia their detailed blueprint system that's proven for years how to create six figure incomes from single projects all over the country.

Current Developer Students:

1,600 +

People Educated Over Past 10 years:

100,000 +

Total Development Value To Date:

$50 Million +

The 3 Secrets You Will Learn On This Free Training Event:

✅ Secret #1

The Top 5 Quickest And Fastest Way To Generate REAL Profit From Property Right Now… (And we won’t be just talking about investing…)

✅ Secret #2

How To Ethically Leverage The Power of OPM (Other People’s Money) Properly And Be Successful In Property!

✅ Secret #3

How To Effectively Scale To Multiple Properties while Eliminating The Need of Deposits At Every Stage of Growth ~ Basically using property to pay for another property!


Return Higher Profits in Real Estate including:

Strategy Method #1

Strategy Method #2

Strategy Method #3

Strategy Method #4

Strategy Method #5

Strategy Method #6

Strategy Method #7

Strategy Method #8

Strategy Method #9

Strategy Method #10


We are giving away $119 worth of bonus FREE ebooks for those who attend!

So, what kind of profits are we talking here?

Take a sneak peek into the kinds of profits Jason & Amy will share with you that have generated millions in wealth using a few of these simple strategies listed below and how you can get started with $0 down!

Common Questions Answered

If you’re so successful already, why are you doing this?

Together we’ve created a lifestyle we love and want to share with as many people as possible. We are so passionate about creating wealth from real estate and believe it’s our purpose in life to share this passion with our community of likeminded individuals.

How long will you be teaching for?

We grew up with parents who taught us to work hard and play hard. As a result, we have no plans of quitting (ever) and will continue passing on our knowledge for decades to come! 

You talk about lots of deals but are you active in the market?

Yes! We love having our fingers on the pulse of the property market and have $50 million worth of deals in the pipeline on an ongoing basis. We’ve got our A-Team and professionals who send us deals daily so we never slow down! 

Is this webclass live or pre-recorded?

This is a pre-recorded event that will only be up for a limited time!

Will I get pitched? 

We get this a lot but let us tell you now that this is NOT like your usual events where the main speaker barely surfaces and you have to sit through hours of random pitches. We’re hitting you hard and fast with strategies and systems so make sure you have your note taking device ready as it’ll only come by once. If you are looking for more help, we do have an ongoing coaching service with bucket loads of value but it’ll only be offered to those who are ready to dive right in. 

What will I get out of the webclass?

We will run you through the top 5 quickest and fastest ways to general REAL profit from property right now during the property boom, how to ethically leverage the power of other people’s money and how to effectively scale to multiple properties while eliminating the need of deposits! Plus, we’ll be giving out the bonus books and reports as our gift to you so by the end of the webclass you’ll have a full toolbelt ready to go. 

Where does the webclass take place?

You'll get instant access when you register with one of the green buttons either above or below and you can watch this straight away on either mobile or desktop. 

What if I’m not tech-savvy?

You don’t need any additional software to be able to watch now. Plus, if you’re experiencing any technical difficulties, you can always email our helpful support team at and they will be able to help you. 

Who is this event for?

It’s for absolutely anyone that wants to know how to generate profits from property with no money down. If you’re looking to create wealth sooner and do a bit more to speed up your investing journey then this is the place to be! 

How much time will this require?

The Cashflow Producing Property Stratagies Webclass runs for just 1 hour. Please make sure you don’t have any distractions so you can really absorb the powerful information we have to share as the no-fluff learnings will be coming to you quick-fast!

Why Should You Trust Us?

We don’t just teach property; we live and breathe it.

We’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now and have $50mil worth of deals in the pipeline. We have a strong passion for sharing our success and believe anyone can do what we do!

We’ve helped students make A LOT of money.

We are only as good as our students’ successes. Having worked with thousands of students from different backgrounds and cities, the strategies we teach can be implemented from anywhere, by anyone. 

Who Is This Event For?

Individuals who want to create wealth sooner so they can start enjoying it before they’re too old or life has passed them by.

Individuals who still want to create wealth, but have been financially burnt by negative gearing in the past.

Individuals looking to escape the 9-5 and have their money work for them instead.

Individuals who want to do something a bit more active to speed up their investing journey rather than simply buy a house and wait patiently for years as it creeps up in value.


Hear from some of Jason & Amy's students and how their property coaching

education has changed lives for the better.


Laura Percey

"I've now been working with Jason & Amy for 2.5 years while having their mentoring and guidance on a regular basis. This has really set me up to having a really successful business."


Belinda & Steven Beatty

"During our year with Jason & Amy we did a 6 figure passive cashflow from our property business & we made a 7 figure sum equity uplift on our most recent project. They really exceeded our expectations!"


Michael Lin

"I've been able to increase my yield compared to my next door neighbour, which has been an uplift thanks to the program and my profits are definitely in the hundreds of thousands, so very happy with that result."


Grant Iverson

"Since meeting Jason & Amy I'm now seeing deals that I never thoughts I'd see, multi-million dollar deals, I'm working with other students in the group, it's just phenomenal!"


Dominic Brandon

"The comfort and security of knowing that you've got Jason & Amy in your corner with their expertise, calm & considered council is invaluable."

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